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States Often Served:
Alabama, AZ, California, CT, Colorado, DC, DE, GA, Hawaii, IA, ID, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, LA, MD, MA, ME, Michigan, MN, OR, MS, Missouri, MT, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, NH, OH, PA, RI, SC, SD, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, VT, WA, West Virginia, and others.
All Civil & Criminal Matters - Comprehensively
Expert All Relationship, Infidelity, & Child Matters
Expert Moving Surveillance in all Cases
Expert Full Background & Pre-Employment Checks
Expert Locating All People, Hidden Assets & Accounts
Find Witnesses & Obtain Statements for All Matters
Locate & Protect Runaway and/or Abused Children
Prove Abusive Relationships & Stalking 
Expert Crimes or Wrongs Done VIA Computers
Legally Recorded Conversations to obtain Evidence
Wire/Bug/Transmitter Sweeps (Locate all Devices)
- Truly Prove Exactly What was Mailed to Someone
- GPS Tracking Devices (track vehicle over Internet)
Expert Investigative Trial Preparation/Case Assistance
Expert Homicide/Wrongful Death Investigations
Expert Police or Governmental Abuse Investigations
Wrongful Account and/or Service Billings Fraud
Exec. Bodyguard Services & Property Protection
Professional Research Assistance (any issue) 
Forensic/Scientific Evidence/Experimentations                - Psychological Profiling (All Cases - Civil & Criminal)
- Environmental Waste Dumping Investigations
SEC (Securities/Investments) Investigations 
- FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Investigations
Electronic and Non-electronic Custom Safe Installations
Expert Arson Investigations
Expert White Collar Crimes, Business      
  Frauds, Scams, Deceit, Manipulations
Expert Undercover/Covert Operatives
Expert Interviewing & Interrogations
- Bribery, Threats, Coercions, Blackmails
Expert Physical Injury Investigations
Locate/Investigate Lost or Stolen Property
Expert Civil Rights/liberties Investigations
Expert Counter-Intelligence Investigations
Expert Malpractice Investigations
Expert All Torts, Libels, & Slanders 
Expert Business Intelligence Acquiring 
- Investigative Document Examination
Expert Criminal Defense Investigations
Re-enactment/Reconstruction of Events
Expert Executive Protection
Security Consulting: Home & Commercial
Governmental Contract Investigations 
- Assistance with Problematic Children
- Modern Lie Detector Testing 
Recovery of Uncollected Court Judgments
- Personal Witness of Important Matters
- Forgery & Counterfeit Investigations 
Contract-Law Investigative Assistance
Installation of Hidden Cameras or Standard
Certified Auto Collision Investigation
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"Jon you really helped me reach my goals and brought a solid closure to this case.  Your help and friendship was    very appreciated and won't be forgotten."  Carol M., Ocala FL (printed with permission)
"I'm glad that this service was available, and I'm glad I did it." 
Dr. Stephen M. MD, Washington, D.C.  (printed with permission)
"Not just with the phone information, you really helped me out with this situation tremendously, right from the beginning and I'm truly grateful."  Mark P., Jefferson City, MO (printed with permission)
"Your help was remarkable Jon, and I definately give it a 10, and yes, please use me anytime as a reference." Boyde W., Baton Rouge, LA  (printed with permission)
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"In regard to phone records, I just thought that service was thorough, handled with not only care, but pursuit, precision, and in a most ethical and credible manner." Rodney P., NC (printed with permission)
"You came up with a lot of different ideas, ways to do it I wouldn't have thought of." 
Michelle M., Las vegas, NV  (printed with permission)
Does Someone Have Your Car Etc?
Ask us about helping you to retrieve your property (vehicles etc. that are being used without your permission.
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"Jon I found your essay to be excellent in the details.  You fleshed out the issues and presented it in simple terms. A better job, could not have been asked for. Use me as a reference anytime."
Richard Molezzo, Attorney at Law  (printed with permission)
Phone Record Client 
Phone Record Client
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If you are inquiring about phone/text recordsplease do NOT use the form below, instead, please call to speak directly with a person specializing in that area, as a no-cost verbal consultation with the prospective client is needed.  If Inv. Jon S.K. or another approved associate staff-member is not available at the time,  please leave a message.  If leaving a message, you can also request to have your agent block the caller-ID on the return call, only if preferred. Your call will be answered or returned within' 24 hours or at other time you've specified. On our call back, we will also prompt you to just say "No thanks." if it's bad timing!  Talk to you soon!  
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"I would say, creative methods to achieve goals and doing it with integrity." 
Paul K., Shrewsbury, MA  (printed with permission)
Phone Record Client 
Phone Records/Text Service:  
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Expert i-Phone Forensics
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Is Your Cell-Phone Being Monitored?
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Our forensic IT and programming experts will help give you peace of mind.
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