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The agency is directed by Jon Scott, who is a white male, age 39, of German, English, Irish, Italian, and Spaniard (Madrid) ethnicity. Jon's top academic achievement impresses upon completion of the unique and rare opportunity in attending City College of Ft. Lauderdale Florida (93' - 95'), for the fully state accredited Associate in Science in Private Investigation Services.

From the two-year full-time on-campus studies, Jon obtained the direct training needed to become one of today's leading pioneers' in private investigation services, taught directly by numerous staff including an attorney, a doctor, a psychologist, numerous lecturers on every pertinent level of law, science, and law enforcement, and in greatest significance of all, by the brilliant professor: Rory J. McMahon.  Rory has been a long-term Federal law enforcement employee, founding father of the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators, holder of an MS in Criminal Justice, as well as having many other very strong awards and achievements.

From feeling the continuous finger-blisters of a daily three to five paged handwritten account of the professor's verbatim dictation, drilled from select law books and other materials, in our graded college-ruled notebooks, there was no escaping to become molded and shaped into the highest level and most legally knowledgeable and valued private investigators' the nation has ever seen.  Jon likes to think of it as graduating the 'Harvard' of PI Schools.  The Institute of Higher Learning, City College spared no expense in quality instruction and training, (nor did we from our  tuition fees) even providing full unrestricted access for its students to West Law, the nation's most advanced and acclaimed online legal database, which almost every lawfirm in the nation uses for its most thorough and demanding legal research.  And to say "schools" is plural whereas, City College can proudly stand to say it was the first and only fully state accredited college in the nation, training in the field of this service/industry, and to its maximum potential and future greatness.  As I'm sure most people have thought to question, how cool is that to obtain a fully transferable 92 credit AS in something you typically see on TV or in the movies, where a man is drinking cocktails on some yacht with a woman named 'Moneypenny' after a long hard day of legal spying and inventive investigations?  Exactly my point!  Profoundly awesome!  Jon was also the youngest of his colleagues by a margin of Approx.. twenty years and got going in his much younger days. From learning the professional business and practice of private investigation the right way, by first developing a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise starting in 1993, Jon had became a highly skilled and masterful investigator, even in his early years of practice. 

What may practically be considered similarly amazing, is the additional fact that Jon made the commute from Miami where he stayed during his studies with his Saint of an Italian grandmother (enjoying the world's most scrumptious Italian dishes by grandma no less), all the way through the practically unbearable quasi NASCAR/Indy 500 race/jams of South Florida I-95, fifty miles North to Fort Lauderdale, then fifty miles South back, four days per week, for eighteen months straight full-time and then some.  At some hectic times Jon would even let himself skirt near the consideration of arguing how the miserable commute in itself, should count for GPA!  Hmm perhaps they trained him too well for their own good ::wink:: =)  More evidence showed a continuing high percent of dropping and tyipically around several or more loudly announced French passages, said in clear English.  That seemed to just make the more determined, or should it be said 'relentless' students, to keep pushing forward to the light, which frankly, seemed quite dim and even nonexistent at times.  It also took Jon himself, the entire first year of studies before truly coming to grips with the career move reality, and especially as it was redundantly shotguned four hours per day (along with four more subsequent hours of non-core electives), providing a true feeling of 'The Matrix.'  Indeed, a whole new world never seen before by most, rapidly programmed, and finally submitted to by only shear will, integrity, passion, strengths, perseverance, and vision (not to forget the swollen fingers). =)  For one great insight as to the level of teaching in this program, when Jon was given the test question: "What is a Private Investigator?" his answer was exactly: "A professional researcher who uses observation, inquiry, examination and experimentation, to obtain evidence and factual information, upon which, sound decisions can be made."  Needless to say it was graded as a correct answer.  This level of precision was simply knowned to be the standard that the professor demanded of his students, which was of course well appreciated.

After all that Harvard-style torture and with continued academic studies through the University of North Florida IPTM program, thousands of hours of experience on cases, and at now over eighteen years later, and even working with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation on several high profile cases, you can count on Jon S. K. & Associates to assist you in your investigative objectives, with masterful investigative performance, providing top efficiency, personalization, team-oriented case development, teaching & training, and the results you expect, when seeking the facts you need.

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